Measurements + Sizing

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Comparing your measurements to flat or round measurements provided. If the shop provides flat measurements, take those measurements multiply (x) by 2 ( you only need to multiply round measurements not point to point), and compare to your measurements.

Example, you are looking to purchase a t-shirt. 
The flat measurements are shoulder 16 in(x2=32in), bust 18 in ( x2 =36in), width 17 ( x2= 34 in), length 29 in. Your measurements are shoulder 31 in, bust 34 in, and waist 28 in. 
You know the shirt will fit but a little "slouchy" with some room, not fitted. 

Also, if you do not have a flexible sewing measuring tape, you can use string and measure 
with a ruler, stand measuring tape, etc. 

Take the end of the string wrap it around area you are measuring, meet the end with point on string where they meet up, hold there, then take point to ruler to measure.

#online #shopping #flat #measurements #size #sizing #guide #clothing #guide #chart #measure
Another way to check measurements is to compare the measurements of an article of clothing you own that fits you well to the measurements provided. 
For this method you do not need a sewing measuring tape. 
You can use a ruler, standard measuring tape, yardstick, etc. 
Measure the article of clothing flat, from point to point for flat measurements, and compare. 
If the item you are looking at provides round measurements just multiply your flat measurements by 2. 

Remember to keep in mind the material of the garment as well. For instance if it is stretchy, etc! 

Hope that helps & Happy Shopping! 
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